The Original Jianbing Blanket

Cena od USD 34,99 USD

Are you obsessed with jianbing, the Chinese street food of legend? Do you feel the need to be immersed in jianbing constantly? With this 1.5m-round jianbing blanket, all your food-based warming and protecting needs can be met in the most stylish way possible. 

The blanket is perfect for turning heads at a picnic, impressing your hipster friends with your obscure Asian street food knowledge, long nights in front of the fireplace with your partner in crime, and so much more.

Features & details:
- Soft, plush, tasty microfiber
- Be the youtiao in your very own jianbing blanket at home
- So big! 150cm of jianbing goodness (5 feet!) 
- Roll up your baby or a friend
- Great gift for the foodie in your life
- Be the hit at your next picnic, party, or with your snuggle buddy couch partner (quality jianbing and chill time)